• GLE-Dan4

    Colorado Model Content Standards
    For Dance
    4th Grade Level Expectations
    STANDARD 1: Students will understand and demonstrate dance skills.
    GRADE 4
    This requires that the student:
    1.1 follows more details found in steps or movements
    1.2 moves and coordinates simple actions of different body parts at the same time
    1.3 does movement sequences which involve age appropriate use of locomotors and nonlocomotors
    1.4 does movement sequences which include contrasting use of the elements
    1.5 performs more complex rhythms and recognizes rhythmic patterns
    STANDARD 2: Students will understand and apply the principles of choreography.
    GRADE 4
    This requires that the student:
    2.1 improvises freely in response to a set of directions
    2.2 begins to learn how to complete movements and make adequate transitions
    2.3 varies movements using at least 2-3 elements and compares differences
    2.4 revises and reorders movements
    2.5 performs work for peers, and begins to discuss it
    STANDARD 3: Students will create, communicate, and problem solve through dance.
    GRADE 4
    This requires that the student:
    3.1 uses a prop creatively and in cooperation with other dancers
    3.2 creates a dance cooperatively with others which is based on a feeling, story, poetry, art or music
    STANDARD 4: Students will understand and relate the role of dance in culture and history.
    GRADE 4
    This requires that the student:
    4.1 performs folk dances from a number of cultures, and knows the context in which these dancers were done
    4.2 identifies dances from different cultures and different historical periods
    4.3 understands the meaning of several dances from different culture
    STANDARD 5: Students will understand the benefits of dance for lifelong fitness.
    GRADE 4
    This requires that the student:
    5.1 demonstrates safe movement techniques
    5.2 begins to learn about the components involved in developing fitness
    5.3 participates in a warm-up, and understands its importance
    STANDARD 6: Students will understand the relationships and connections between dance and other disciplines.
    GRADE 4
    This requires that the student:
    6.1 continues to understand concepts from other subjects through dance, i.e. interpreting city life, the life of historical personalities, or map reading skills in dance movement
    6.2 begins to compare and contrast various processes used in different disciplines, i.e. the creative writing process, and the creative process in choreography