• GLE-Dan10

    Colorado Model Content Standards
    For Dance
    10th Grade Level Expectations
    STANDARD 1: Students will understand and demonstrate dance skills.
    GRADE 10
    This requires that the student:
    1.1 develops ability to use the body as an instrument of expression
    1.2 recognizes and adjusts inaccuracies in dance technique
    1.3 demonstrates increased technical accuracy in 2 or more dance styles
    1.4 has an increased vocabulary of dance terms
    STANDARD 2: Students will understand and apply the principles of choreography.
    GRADE 10
    This requires that the student:
    2.1 creates a self-directed phrase
    2.2 contrasts different approaches to the use of space, time and energy
    2.3 designs a group improvisation on a specific theme, and selects material for a short study
    STANDARD 3: Students will create, communicate, and problem solve through dance.
    GRADE 10
    This requires that the student:
    3.1 selects movements that effectively communicate an idea or ideas
    3.2 communicates own idea in a study
    STANDARD 4: Students will understand and relate the role of dance in culture and history.
    GRADE 10
    This requires that the student:
    4.1 experiences a variety of dances from all over the world
    4.2 understands that performing various cultural dance forms requires different skills and techniques
    4.3 develops a timeline showing the evolution of specific dances or dance styles
    STANDARD 5: Students will understand the benefits of dance for lifelong fitness.
    GRADE 10
    This requires that the student:
    5.1 demonstrates and discusses basic vocabulary and concepts from kinesiology
    5.2 understands the causes of common dance injuries and how to prevent them
    5.3 evaluates improvements in strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and body composition during dance training
    STANDARD 6: Students will understand the relationships and connections between dance and other disciplines.
    GRADE 10
    This requires that the student:
    6.1 collaborates in the creation of a project in which dance is combined with other disciplines
    6.2 critiques a multi-disciplinary dance-based project
    6.3 participates in a dance-based project that uses technology