• GLE-Civ8

    8th Grade Level Expectations
    Standard 1:
    Students understand the purposes of government, and the basic
    constitutional principles of the United States republican form of
    Eighth grade students will:
    1.1 Produce a bulletin board of articles about the Colorado legislature, Colorado
    Governor, or Colorado Supreme Court showing which government function is
    being exercised
    1.2 Analyze and present two newspaper articles about the actions of the state
    1.3 Defend a position on a current issue involving a constitutional protection of
    individual rights
    1.4 Analyze the process for expanding civil rights to more people throughout U.S.
    history and into the future
    1.5 Compare the effects on a country of a low voter turnout v. a higher voter turnout
    Standard 2:
    Students know the structure and function of local, state, and national government and how citizen involvement shapes public policy.
    Eighth grade students will:
    2.1 Compare the advantages of a bicameral (two house) state legislature with a
    unicameral (one house) state legislature
    2.2 Identify five decisions which need to be agreed upon by the local, state, and
    federal governments for the construction of a new interstate highway
    2.3 Apply the Colorado Constitution to the Gideon v. Wainwright decision
    2.4 Explain how immigration and changing demographics might affect civic
    involvements in the future
    Standard 3:
    Students know the political relationship of the United States and its citizens to other nations and to world affairs.
    Eighth grade students will:
    3.1 Discuss and critique U.S. strategies for containing terrorism in the U.S. and
    around the world
    3.2 Study the history of U.S. policy in the Middle East and analyze actions taken over time to protect civil rights
    3.3 Describe how an NGO (non-governmental agency) seeks to help with an
    international problem—e.g.: International Red Cross, others
    Standard 4:
    Students understand how citizens exercise the rules, rights and
    responsibilities of participation in civic life at all levels – local, state, and national.
    Eighth grade students will:
    4.1 Write a paragraph about a good public servant/citizen from the Civil War era—e.g.: a nurse on the battleground, a war veteran from the North or South
    4.2 Defend a position in favor of, or in opposition to, establishing a halfway house for rehabilitating felons in their neighborhood
    4.3 Write a letter to the hypothetical editor of a local newspaper defending or
    opposing the right of the First Christian Church to rent your school on Sundays