• GLE-Civ4

    4th Grade Level Expectations
    Standard 1:
    Students understand the purposes of government, and the basic
    constitutional principles of the United States republican form of
    Fourth grade students will:
    1.1 Define “democracy” and “republican government” and explain the purpose of the Colorado Constitution
    1.2 Explain three limits on government, e.g.: search warrants required; fair trials
    required; quartering soldiers in people’s homes prohibited
    1.3 Write the main reason for each of the Bill of Rights
    1.4 Analyze some great American reformers, documents, and symbols in American political culture—Declaration of Independence, “Spirit of 76”, Frederick Douglass, Susan B. Anthony, Abraham Lincoln, the White House, and the Great Seal of the U.S.
    1.5 Compare a posted copy of the Bill of Rights with a posted copy of the Grade Four constitution
    Standard 2:
    Students know the structure and function of local, state, and national
    government and how citizen involvement shapes public policy.
    Fourth grade students will:
    2.1 Define and explain the role of a “conflict mediator”
    2.2 Explain how the types of law (juvenile, criminal, civil) promote the common good and protect individual rights
    2.3 Predict what might happen in a school for one day if no rules or laws were
    enforced and suggest two ways the school might restore order
    Standard 3:
    Students know the political relationship of the United States and its citizens to other nations and to world affairs.
    Fourth grade students will:
    3.1 Explain a current event involving Colorado and an Eastern Hemisphere country example: Colorado trade with Japan
    3.2 Calculate the value of $1000 in Mexican pesos and Canadian dollars using the current exchange rate—discuss where they could get more for their money,
    where less
    3.3 Describe a major U.S., Mexico, and Canada treaty—NAFTA, others
    Standard 4:
    Students understand how citizens exercise the rules, rights and
    responsibilities of participation in civic life at all levels – local, state, and national.
    Fourth grade students will:
    4.1 Collect and explain a display of symbols of citizenship—birth certificate, school ID card, social security card, passport
    4.2 Identify official sites where the Colorado flag flies and the reasons citizens show honor at these sites
    4.3 Explain the rights expressed in the Declaration of Independence
    4.4 Write a paragraph to the Colorado Governor about how to preserve public parks